Powerful Advertising Ideas for Retail Businesses

Blue with White Arms Air dancer -HUGE SALE -ATTACHMENT onlySo you have a retail business but are worried about that the cash registers are not ringing as frequently or as loudly as they should? Bringing your store to the notice of your customers involves far more than just hanging a sign and unlocking the doors.

Having great products that the local customers want or need is essential to what makes a retail store a success. Good store location, signs, phone books ads, newspaper ads, TV commercials, on-line ads and friendly sales help, are all also essential for a successful retail store. Opting for these types of advertisement is the easiest option but it tends to be expensive and so the cost needs to be weighed against its benefits. But there are other low cost options to yield results for a fraction of cost of traditional advertising.

So what else can you do? One of the most powerful and tried and true ways of getting more customers in to your business is the use of outdoor advertising products. Here I will outline some of the more popular outdoor advertising products and there benefits. One of the most popular and low cost outdoor advertising products are Air Dancers. What is an Air Dancer? Air Dancers are colorful and exciting advertising tools that get your business noticed They are large inflatable tube shaped character comprising a long fabric tube with arms attached to a powerful fan which causes the tube to move around in a dancing or flailing motion. They come in many different styles, but most resemble humans with tube arms. Air Dancers come in many   different shapes and styles. You can have custom messages put on them, it is a great way to communicate your own unique offer to your target audience. . You can even have your logo put on them to help with your brand awareness. Custom shapes are also available, for example, Chef, Uncle Sam, Clowns, Arrow Shaped and many other styles. They are generally about 20 feet in height and are very hard to ignore.

07Another great option for outdoor advertising is the use of Feather Flag Banners. Feather Flag Banners are 15ft tall 2.5ft wide fabric banners that are designed to draw a customer’s attention to your place of business They come in many different eye grabbing styles and are designed to stay open even in zero-wind conditions. . There are options available so that they can be used on any type of outdoor surface, from parking lots to grassy areas and even on the roof of you store.

Retail Products for Off Set Press MarketingHere is one more great idea guaranteed to get the heads turning your way….Gorilla Robots….These are not as well-known as other outdoor advertising products but the really get the job done. So what is a Gorilla Robot ….Well… simply put, it is a life-size robot that looks like a person wearing a gorilla costume. The Gorilla Robot easily fools on-lookers into thinking it is a real person. They stand 6′ 6″ tall and the left arm waves side to side while the upper torso moves left and right. Every day, thousands of people see your business, and how many people will remember your business the next day? With our eye-catching, bigger than life, animated Gorilla Robots, people will remember your business today, tomorrow, and long after.

It’s been proven time and time again when you make a strong visual impression, your company stays in the minds of consumers longer. High visibility means more sales for you! Air Dancers Feather Flags and Gorilla Robots offer a very low cost way to do this. They are by far much more cost effective than newspaper, TV, or Internet advertising. Outdoor advertising products are essential tools for retail stores and are the most cost-effective and long term solution to success. See all of these products at Super Sign Factory. www.supersignfactory.com


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